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Fox Notions
Vincennes, Indiana United States
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    Vincennes Indiana, United States
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    Wooden String Art Signs...Handmade...Customized.

    Fox Notions was created as a way to explore my creative side and teach my kids the same.
    The products are made out of quality material from a local lumber yard. We try to take the time to make sure all edges are smoothed out the best they can be without taking away all the characters of the wood.

    We are willing to offer custom designs and will work with you to get just the right look for you. We offer multiple customized options from the color of the string and paint to what color you want the background rather stained or a solid or patterned paint. For other items we also offer customized handles.

    We offer designs from just text all the way to school spirit. There are also options for state and holiday themes. If you don't see what you want please feel free to contact us and we can work with you for your own special design.
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